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Welcome to Horde Square

We're Pandemic Horde - a new-player friendly alliance with a heavy emphasis on PvP activity. We live in Null-sec space and our goal is to be a place where both new and established players can learn and improve in an environment that is never short of content. We support a wide range of other player activities for fun and profit, including exploration, ratting, mining, and industry.

Join one of Eve’s largest alliances with thousands of pilots in every playstyle from large scale fleets, small group PVP, to industry, mining, and logistics. Our Caretaker and New Bean Initiative teams are ready to help you get the most out of EVE Online.
Not quite ready to dive into Null-sec yet? Join our High-Sec Division. All the services and infastructure you need, organzied fleets, helpful folks to guide you, and 100% free from War-Declarations.

Mining Fleet making ISK
Join an alliance that runs multiple daily caretaking fleets run by people wanting to help answer questions that you might have. Learn by doing in a supportive environment!
Stabber gang on a roam
Get right into the fight, with Day 1 pilot skill plans, handout ships and free skill books, and mentorship available in game and out of game to help you learn about the wonderful things Eve has to offer.
Massive battle over an ansiblex
With activities happening around the clock, the action doesn't stop! Find things to do and people to fly with no matter what Timezone you play in.
Falcon Cloaking in deep-space
Everyone from a first-day Alpha pilot to supercapital multi-boxers are welcome to join -- we have content for YOU!

Want to get in on the fun? While you're in game, join the "Join HORDE" channel to apply to apply Pandemic Horde Inc. or ask any questions you have.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are there activity requirements?
    Nope. You can play as much or as little as you like.
  • I'm an alpha account and I'm not planning on buying Omega anytime soon - can I still join?
    100% yes. Alpha accounts are fully welcome in Horde.
  • I have a lot of alts - can I join Horde with them?
    Absolutely yes. Alts are an important part of EVE.
  • I don't have a lot of ships!
    No problem! The Horde Newbean Carepackage has a dozen ships and package of skillbooks ready for you once you arrive in our staging system.
  • What do you use for comms?
    We use Discord for text-chatting/pings and Mumble for voice-chat. There's no requirement for a microphone, but you'll need to be able to listen.
  • How long does it take for an application to be processed?
    Usually around 24 hours - but it'll vary depending on activity.
  • English is not my naitive language - is there a place for me?
    We have member corporations and language channels for French, Korean, Russian, German, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Portuguese, and more!
See for yourself the fun Horde pilots get into:

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