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Discord signup error 500 reference number: 61839649ce07b (trying as Tiberius Varis)

I left PL 11/3/21 for BUSA. An alt Cyno Sarum joined Horde 07/31/21 using my main Tiberius Varis discord id. Wanted to get pings, join fleets with main. Horde discord shows Cyno Sarum logged in. How do I change it to main? All 12 chars scoped in Square under my main. In Horde Mumble, shows me as Tiberius Varis with tag BUSA.

I am looking to join, my current corp lost all its active players, whats the process for applying?

Kind regards,
Good day I want to find out where can i apply to pandemic horde with my char i cant find the applications anywhere