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Hi M8, Have done the Capital Group application, have sent the 50kk isk, and all things that are asked for, but the application says that I dont have more than one day... Is there something that I m doing wrong?
Pretty sure the P1-P2 Pi buyback from Jahio Industries isn't going. I and others have had contracts sit until expired after a couple of weeks with no response on forum.
I'm trying to apply to the blackops group but seem to be having some issues. I'm getting a weird error and I'm wondering if you can give me a hand with it or at least let me know what might be causing it. The following link is what I'm dealing with. This character is my main, has all those skills and has kills going back more then 30 days so I'm confused about the issue.

Ronin Khan Solette
Ronin Khan Solette
Edit: Managed to apply. Apparently this character wasn't added in scopes but wasn't linked in that fashion. I would have thought it would be done on logging in but apparently not. Sorry about the confusion on my end.
Hello, i am looking to join horde but I need to know a couple of things before committing into it:

Q1: are there systems in guristas nullsec where we can rat?
Q2:can we do escalations in systems owned by other friendly alliances and stuff
Q3: what are some blues to pandemic horde?

That is about it guys, Im looking forward to a great time with horde. inc! o7
heya. is your Hel still for sale ? I am guessing you sold it but let me know.

Thanks :)
Hey rolen, I decided to move mine up from camal. thanks for getting back to me though. I'll ask the other waffles if anyone wants to buy one